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15 Entrepreneurship Podcasts That Changed The Way I Think As A Founder

If you’ve ever spent more than twenty minutes with me, then you know that I am obsessed with Standford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership Series.

I stumbled upon Joe Liemandt’s talk in 2008 when I was interested in learning about what happened with Trilogy (the company that almost single-handed-ly caused the tech boom in Austin) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

These podcasts are an incredible resource for every stage of entrepreneur. I *always* walk away with tons of motivation and usually a new way to think about a problem I am experiencing. It was Ron Conway and Mike Maples’ Angel Investing Revealed talk that convinced me to move to Silicon Valley and start PublikDemand.

The talks typically run about an hour, so I listen to them while working out, driving or working.

Let me also encourage you to also catch a live recording at Stanford if you have the opportunity. It’s free and open to the public. I totally geeked out when I met Tina Seelig there!

These are in order of personal impact. My personal favorite, and probably the best talk I have ever heard—Steve Blank’s Retooling Early Stage Development is embedded below. Watch it! Especially if you are a newish founder or have found yourself building something that didn’t stick.

I am not fully caught up on the 2012 season but I plan on sharing some favorites soon. Feel free to share your own favorites with me.

15 Entrepreneurship Podcasts That Changed The Way I Think As a Founder 

  1. Retooling Early Stage Development Steve Blank // Stanford
  2. From Stanford to Startup Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger // Instagram
  3. Young at Heart: How to Be an Innovator for Life Tom Kelly //  IDEO
  4. Angel Investing Revealed Ron Conway, Mike Maples // SVAngel/Floodgate
  5. The Power of Curiosity and Inspiration Jack Dorsey // Square
  6. Getting to Plan B Randy Komisar //  KPCB
  7. Phases of a Startup Mark Jung // IGN
  8. Creating Enchantment Guy Kawasaki
  9. Customer Focus Builds Global Growth Diego Piancentini  // Amazon
  10. Spotlight on Scalability Sheryl Sandberg // Facebook
  11. The Black Swans of Energy Invention Vinod Khosla // Khosla Ventures
  12. A VC Perspective on the Life Sciences Beth Seidenberg // KPCB
  13. Nine Lessons Learned about Creativity at Google Marissa Mayer // Google
  14. From Harvard to the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg // Facebook
  15. Choosing the Entrepreneurial Path Reid Hoffman // LinkedIn